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Come experience for yourself, the incredible social and personal benefits of group meditation. There have been numerous studies that have shown that a group of people meditating has significant measurable effects.

The beauty of a group meditation is that you can experience both self-exploration while also connecting to the energy of others.

We are currently meeting on Monday nights at Fuel the Soul, 188 Merrick Road in Merrick NY. The talks begin at 7:30 and the guided meditation begins promptly at 8.

Join the group here: LI Meditation

We also offer Wednesday night Meditations in NYC. Details can be found here: NYC Meditation

To find out more about upcoming workshops and classes please like our Facebook page: MarkChabus

Some helpful Q&A:

What should I wear?

-Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat.


Who will be there?

-This meet-up consists of other like-minded Long Islanders interested in experiencing the benefits of Meditation. This is a beginners class so it’s very laid back and comfortable. Please feel free to come by yourself or bring a friend.


What can I expect?

-We meet at Fuel the Soul at 7:30. We typically have a guest speaker that offers a brief talk about one of the following subjects; Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Empowerment, Spirituality, New Thought & Healing. The group guided meditation begins promptly at 8.


What are people saying?

-Here is a testimonial: I’ve been attending Mark Chabus’ guided meditation workshop for the past 5-6 weeks. By nature, for the past few years anyway, I’ve turned into a real worrier and pessimist, due to a few downturns in my life, so I thought I could use this class. Well, there was another bump in the road in my family life (my daughter lost her job) but instead of my typical hand-wringing, poor us, reaction, I felt a sense of anticipation and excitement for her…automatically, without trying. I feel I’ve been re-wired by Mark’s weekly guidance and my subsequent daily practice. Would I say it’s a miracle?  I think so…… The point is, it works.  Come join us and see for yourself.  Thank you, Mark. I’m SO glad our paths have crossed.  -C.O.


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The h.o.m.e meditation program that was developed by Mark Chabus to teach the process of meditation, explain the purpose and benefits and to dispel the associated myths and preconceived notions. It was given the name for three reasons:

1. When being asked by beginner meditation students what they can expect to feel after meditating, I came up with the following explanation. Imagine you leave your home for an extended period of time for vacation or for work. Now recall the feeling you get when you walk in the door upon your return, suddenly a peaceful calm comes over you and you feel safe and relaxed. This is the feeling you generate and benefit from with meditation.

2. H.o.m.e. is also an acronym for healing, optimal well-being, mind enhancement and expanded awareness. Meditation creates a state of mind that cultivates these four ingredients. Below is a list of specific ways that meditation specifically influences.

Healing- Meditation reduces stress which is the leading causes of illness in this country. The circuits in the brain that are up-regulated by stress are down-regulated with meditation. With meditation, I personally healed my body from the following illnesses; PTSD, GERD, IBS, a stomach ulcer, chronic stomach pain, insomnia, anxiety and severe panic attacks.

Optimal well-being- Meditation cultivates an overall improvement in physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive health. It creates the most favorable conditions for joy and contentment. Studies show that there is greater activity in areas of the brain associated with positive emotions.

Mind enhancement- Meditation alters the structure of our brain, according to recent scientific research. It increases thickness in parts of the brain associated with attention and sensory processing. We also now know that meditation can actually rewire the neural circuitry of the brain thus changing the way it operates and regulates our emotions.

Expanded awareness- Meditation is a practical tool that connects us to a higher level of consciousness and provides a broader perspective of the nature of reality. When we create a connection to this consciousness, we begin to notice new opportunities as well as open up to a stream of creativity, inspiration and intuition.

3. Lastly, this program was designed to be practiced in the comfort of your own home although many clients report using it at work, on the train or other places that allow them to sit undistracted for fifteen to twenty minutes.



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