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Meet Mark Chabus, professional chef and owner of a top NYC catering company turned author,  life coach and

Mark Chabus with Louis Hay in New York City.

motivational speaker. Chabusʼs story began when he was in culinary school in 2001. Following the death of his girlfriend in the terrorist attacks on 9/11 he slipped into a state of deep depression. The optimism for his future was soon replaced with the negative effects of PTSD, anxiety and chronic stomach pain. “I had completely fallen apart with no knowledge or tools for helping myself,” Chabus said – that was until he experienced a series of events that caused him to discover the nature of spirituality and his divine purpose. He was also introduced to the practice of meditation. Meditation was introduced to him as a means of regulating his emotions, creating a spiritual link and restoring his physical health.

Chabus describes meditation as one of the most powerful tools for healing and personal transformation. He now teaches everyone, from children to seniors, how to easily incorporate a personal daily practice. There is no prerequisite for learning to meditate other than the desire to enhance your own life.

Chabus’s services include strategic coaching for individuals as well as workshops with an emphasis on intuition, spirituality, self-reliance and meditation. His book, Remembering Your Spirit, is now available in major bookstores and his guided meditation mp3 is also available on all major online distributors’ sites.

Remembering your Spirit

Mark’s Bio from his book, Remembering your Spirit

Mark Chabus, has a BS from State University College at Oneonta as well as a degree in Classic Culinary Arts from the French Culinary Institute. After a decade-long successful career in the NYC catering and event industry, Chabus shifted gears.  He now focuses on spreading his messages about healing, spiritual awareness and how to turn pain into opportunities for growth. The wisdom he imparts is the result of his experiences after losing his girlfriend in the Twin Towers on 9/11. He also founded a not-for-profit company called Retreat for Relief, Inc., designed to offer free inspirational seminars and wellness retreats for those suffering from personal tragedy. Chabus currently resides in a suburb of New Jersey with his wife, Kate and their two children, ages three and one.

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